Welcome to dask-geomodeling’s documentation!

Dask-geomodeling is a collection of classes that are to be stacked together to create configurations for on-the-fly operations on geographical maps. By generating Dask compute graphs, these operation may be parallelized and (intermediate) results may be cached.

Multiple Block instances together make a view. Each Block has the get_data method that fetches the data in one go, as well as a get_compute_graph method that creates a graph to compute the data later.

Blocks are used for the on-the-fly modification of raster and vector data, respectively through the baseclasses RasterBlock() and GeometryBlock(). Derived classes support operations such as grouping, basic math, shifting time, smoothing, reclassification, geometry operations, zonal statistics, and property field operations.


This package was developed by Nelen & Schuurmans and is used commercially under the name Geoblocks. Please consult the Lizard website for more information about this product.


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